February 11th, 2003


Status Report

What, a whole day with no posting? Horrors!

Work has sucked this week. Don't even talk about it. One good thing that happened was that while the servers were down, I had some free time to sketch a cool new pic inspired by an action-adventure character idea I've been toying with, which will go up as Saturday's Grab Bag.

katayamma is away this week for family reasons, so I colored tomorrow's strip myself. It introduces a new character, Camden Cowford, who is a pygmy hippopotamus. If I'd made him a "true hippopotamus," he'd have been huge ... I wanted somebody who could interact on a relatively normal level with Tiffany and Leona.

Speaking of Leona, she's going to have a big part in the upcoming storyline ... some interesting choices are headed her way. It should be quite a thing to watch!

That's all the news for today. G'nite, LiveJournal.

-The Gneech