March 8th, 2003


Spanky, What Are You Smoking?

Okay, I tried moving Spanky the Wonder Scale downstairs to what should have been a flatter, more stable, and therefore more reliable surface, and he glomped onto the value of "286.5 lbs., 43% bodyfat." I've been 286 lbs. before, and I know that this ain't it.

This is really beginning to irritate me ... it may be time to show Spanky the door. It's like having a ruler made of super-stretch elastic ... you can only guess how right or wrong any measurement it makes is.

-The Gneech
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Boromir battle

Okay, Mage Knight, You Win

Push the right buttons, and I'm all yours, apparently. Yesterday, I bought my first ever Mage Knight booster pack -- from the "Pyramid" set.

Between jamesbarrett and myself, we have a ton of Mage Knight figs, bought in bulk at Dragon*Con last year because they ranged from $0.25 to $1.50 each and we could pick exactly the ones we wanted. We didn't buy them to play Mage Knight with, mind you -- we bought them for D&D, and they've been a very valuable investment.

The set I bought yesterday, I bought just because the "Pyramid" line looks so damn cool. And, true enough, the figs I got were very cool indeed. I've already come up with a sinister and evil way to use them once we start gaming again.

praeriedog gave me the D.C. Comics Heroclix starter set for Christmas; I assume the Mage Knight rules are comparable if not identical. So maybe one of these days I'll break down and actually play a game of Mage Knight.

-The Gneech
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