March 13th, 2003


Tids and Bits

I was so distracted by the Bowflex the other day, that I forgot to mention that I got a piece of artwork from Vince. It was something he wasn't happy with and was just going to throw away, to which my response was, "Are you crazy? If you don't want it, send it to me!" And he did! Is he awesome, or what?

I have yet to see a piece of Suzukawa artwork I didn't like, but the moment they go on auction they instantly shoot way out of my budget, so I am constantly trying to wheedle anything I can get out of him.

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Shuffle Muffle Followup

Pursuant to this little gripe, I looked at the options on Windows Media Player, and got a strange result. By turning the repeat function on, I got a much better randomization. Go fig!

-The Gneech ("Oh yeah, I did put that song on the playlist, didn't I?")
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