March 17th, 2003

Kero Power Tie

Anime Update

Turns out I had the title wrong, the series in question is called eX-Driver. I found a few reviews that all said basically the same thing: beautifully rendered cars doing high-speed chases, story by Playskool. Light humor, basically fluff.

Sounds good to me! I'll probably get the first volume next paycheck. I just hope there are no nasty surprises. I hate getting an anime show that starts out as nice, light entertainment only to suddenly turn into people being riddled with bullets, exploding in sprays of fleshy pulp, and then causing the apocalypse ... again. [1]

-The Gneech

[1] Oh, and don't forget, all the likeable people have to die, except for one shell-shocked kid or haunted wanderer.
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The Evening

Well, the announcement that Monday night classes were going to end after March seems to have killed them prematurely ... there were four students there tonight, and instead of Sifu Yung, we were taught by Sihing Walter. (Not to cast dispersions on Sihing Walter ... he's very good, and more than up to the task of teaching the basic class. It was just surprising.)

But, the rarification of class didn't detract from its quality. In fact, it enabled us to all have a little more "face time" with the instructor than we usually get. The Monday night classes were supposed to be mostly strength, flexibility, and endurance training, rather than techniques, and we did plenty of that, stretching, punching with bricks, and so forth. We also practiced kicks, kicks, and more kicks. Sihing Walter particularly complemented my roundhouse kick, which was a nice ego boost. (My side kick still needs work, tho. And lots of it.)

Pushups are a problem for me, particularly at the end of class -- but not because of my arms. They are fine. But my back gives out! The lower back, basically from the midpoint of my spine down, just has no strength. That's the same area that froze up so painfully around Dragon*Con last year, and the reason it did that then was the same reason I can't do pushups now -- the muscles in that part of my back are pure jello.

Fortunately, the amazing Bowflex has exercises that work exactly those muscles!

Mmm, Bowflex. ;)

Anyway, I spent the rest of the evening working up the rough draft of tchall's auction cameo, which will run this Friday. I would like to have gotten more done, but let's face it, after Kung Fu, I have maybe an hour and a half of useful time before the night is over. So I don't feel too bad. :)

I think that's about it for this evening. So g'nite, everybody, and have a wonderful tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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Whoa ... It Fits

I was checking out Jump The Shark's take on Mission: Impossible, when I came upon a concept that made a bright light from the heavens shine down on me:

There was a proper Mission: Impossible movie.

It was called Sneakers, and starred Robert Redford as Mr. Phelps.


Of course, if I ever meet Tom Cruise, I'll still be hard-pressed not to kick him in the family jewels for what he did to one of the truly great television shows of all time. But at least now, I have something positive to hold on to.

Thank you, whatever commentator wrote that, for giving me something to smile about. :)

And now, I really am going to bed. :)

-The Gneech
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