March 21st, 2003

Yue grim

How DARE You Try To Escape My Wrath???

Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light, apparently got miffed that we managed to avoid renting a car, so yesterday, while we were stopped at a gas station, he killed the battery in Camstone's Mustang. :P

We were lucky in that Blackfeather and a Maryland fur who was helping him move (alas, his name fell out of my head ... it was something like WindRunner) just happened to be at the gas station at the same time, and gave us a jump so we could get Midnight back to our place. Then Camstone came over and gave us a lift out to the airport to rent a car. The dealership is still waiting on the hoses to fix Bruce.

Le sigh.

We bought Cam dinner by way of thanks ... so now I'm driving a big honkin' rental Buick, fourth car in three weeks. I have a headache. And there's still no word on when Bruce is coming home.

-The Gneech
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