March 31st, 2003

Kero Power Tie

Monday Already? Erf.

Well, the weekend wasn't as productive as I would have liked it to be; the main thing I got done was I worked out the strips that would go into Orange Alert and in what order. The TCM crossover was a bit hairy to work out, because besides the fact that Vince used to do 4 strips/week as opposed to my 3, that was also when my Starbucks job was at its most draining, and there were a lot of outages.

Argh. Outages. Too many outages!

Anyway, the "Tiffarella" segment continues to be a challenge. Scott did the segments in portrait orientation, and some were at odd sizes, which means I have to figure out a way to chop them up such that they'll fit on a landscape half-page. Also, "Tiffarella" depends heavily -- very heavily in some parts -- on color. If it is run in the grunky b/w halftones that Love Bites was printed in, it'll be completely unreadable. So I have to wheedle David at Plan Nine into giving me 45+ pages of color.

That's ... a lot. :)

I have a feeling Orange Alert will be considerably more expensive than La Vida Panthera or Love Bites. However, I also suspect that it'll sell better, if only because it's the only source of Vince's work in print.

So anyway, Orange Alert is kinda on hold now until I hear back from Dave (note to self: if you don't hear by Wednesday, poke him), so it's time to get some other stuff done. Collapse )

In other news, I picked up two more of the How to Draw Manga series, "Couples," and "Bishoujo and Pretty Gals." It's not all directly applicable to my work, because I don't draw in manga style and have no plans to start, but there is plenty of just plain good art technique there to learn from. What I like about the series more than anything else is that it assumes that you are a serious student and thus doesn't bother with a lot of the fluff common to other "How to Draw" type books. Part of that is, I'm sure, a reflection of the (relatively) respected role of manga and anime in Japanese pop culture vs. the way it's considered silly kids' stuff in the USA. Here, the only kind of art fit for adults to do is stuff like acrylic and watercolor landscapes, fruit bowls, and the like, unless you're a hoity-toity conceptual artiste with a gallery in New York.

Bah. I want to look at cartoons, I want to draw cartoons. The rest of that stuff can bite me.

(Actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration ... fine art can be good too, if it's about an interesting enough concept. Furries or sword-wielding barbarians are good choices!)

Oh well, I can't do any real work now anyway, 'cause I have to do stuff for my job instead. Guess I'd better get started!

-The Gneech