April 5th, 2003


Spanky Yankin' My Chain

Well, well, well, today the little electronic schizo says I'm 252 lbs, 35% bodyfat! Woohoo! I've lost so much! Go, me! Go, me! This replaces the previous best that Spanky said, of 259.5 pounds, 35% bodyfat.

Oh, no, wait ... this is Spanky we're talking about. If I move him over to the left a couple of inches: 286.5 lbs, 43% bodyfat. I'm crushed! Waaaah!

Goofy little thing. :) Maybe I'll go buy another scale today.

There are some externally-verifiable measures that show that the Kung Fu / Bowflex double-team is doing the trick, tho.

* Last week, comments from multiple people at work who hadn't seen me since the office Christmas party: "John, are you losing weight?"

* My shoulders visibly protrude, even in shirts without shoulderpads. ;)

* My shirts are tighter on the chest than they are on the tummy.

* The black jeans that I bought two sizes down from my initial size back when I first started losing weight, and were quite snug at the time, are noticeably loose now.

My "touchstone" goal now, is to be able to take a swimsuit to AC and use the hotel pool without feeling self-conscious about it. I haven't gone swimming "comfortably" since around 1982, and I've missed it! Assuming I keep making progress at this rate, I think I'll be able to do it. :)

-The Gneech
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Yue grim

Gah. Stupid Insomnia. :P

Too awake to fall asleep, too sleepy to get anything of quality done.

So I'll just sit here and surf the internet until my brain finally shuts down and I can get some rest.

-The Gneech
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