April 6th, 2003

Boromir battle

Okay, We'll Try That Again...

Well, once I finally got to sleep last night, things improved, although I had several dreams that had people irritating me. One dream had myself and a bunch of people all due to get together for something, except one of them was late, and the rest were getting ancy waiting for him and doing stupid stuff ... one started making a mess of the place, another one took a cherry-scented candle that I had into the kitchen and melted it in a frying pan. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked him, and he just gave me a dirty look. Finally, the person we were all waiting for showed up, and started giving me a lot of grief because we were starting late -- even though it was because he hadn't arrived!

Later on, I had another dream, one of those rare ones where I am in my anthro-lion form. Those usually stand out in my mind and are often psychologically significant. If that's the case for last night's, tho, I'm pretty worried. You see, I was confronted by this big honkin' demon (think Tim Curry in Legend), who informed me, "I am going to do something absolutely horrible to you ... but YOU get to decide what it is." I don't remember what I decided on, tho.

Anyway, I didn't get much done cartooning-wise yesterday; I needed the day off to do home stuff and just vegetate a while. I hope to do more today. But one thing we did do yesterday was to get a new scale, which I have decided to name Dexter. (The bathroom he lives in will, of course, be "Dexter's Lavoratory.") We haven't tested him out yet, because as part of the bodyfat computation process, he requires you to put in your measurements. We'll probably try it out tonight.

I sleep as late as 9:30 this morning! Woohoo! Except the clock says 10:30. Grrrr. Stupid Daylight Savings Crime. *smacks the gov't*

Oh well, time to get on with what little is left of the day.

-The Gneech
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