April 10th, 2003



Well, I ordered a new lamp for the scanner; they said it would come in 5-7 working days, so prolly no SJ next week. I've got guest strips I can run tho, I think, and I will probably do some page-size sketches and either scan them at work or get hantamouse to do it.

UPDATE: Serves me right for not checking with Kerry the Wonder-Llama first ... she found me one in CA that will be here tomorrow for $3 cheaper. So I guess there will be SJ next week, after all! Thanks, mammallamadevil!

I'm bothered by this trend of almost all modern scanners having page size image areas; I require a 9x14 scanning area to scan my strips. The only one I found in town capable of doing that was $250. There are cheaper ones available over the internet, but that sorta negates the whole point of going to the store so I wouldn't have to wait. I guess larger sizes just don't sell as well, but I'm not gonna go back to trying to stitch my drawings together! Must have full-size scanner!

-The Gneech
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