April 12th, 2003


And Off We Go Again

It's a beautiful day, and I intend to put the gorgeous weather to its best possible use: I'm going to stay inside and draw all day!

I am in a happy mood and ready to start crankin' on that to-do list. I didn't get to Kung Fu class at all this week, nor to my counselor appointment, because there was too much crud going on all the time, but I got five minutes of jumprope and a good workout on the Bowflex this morning and now I'm jazzed and ready to work. The scanner bulb works beautifully, and I've got a lot to do!

This week will wrap up the Leona/Woody thing for the time being but, true to form, will not be the end of that particular thread. But I need to pause it there because it's time for Wally to finally get his storyline. He's graduating, and that needs to happen in a certain timeframe. Mini-spoiler alert: A guest character will be on-loan from another comic strip! Start the "Who will be the guest star?" pool now. ;)

BTW, if you're wondering about Spanky's Saturday Adventures, both he and Dexter agreed that I was around 286 today. Given that I am still visibly reducing on an almost-daily basis, and that muscles are visibly starting to take shape, I can only assume that either the scales are both nuts, or I'm putting on weight as muscle. And, while I do want to have some good muscle mass, I still want to lose more weight. 286 lbs is a lot of stuff to carry around, regardless of what it's made of! It makes it harder for me to run, jump, tumble, etc., because of the plain ol' physics of volume. Somebody just a few inches shorter than I am requires a LOT less energy to run around the block than I do.

Anyway, it's time to get started on that to-do list now. Wish me luck!

-The Gneech
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Yue grim

Downgrades ... GRRR

Somewhere in my recent computer changes, I quietly and without notice lost the ability to create MP3 files, and the only way to regain it appears to be buying new software.


What's particularly annoying is Windows Media Player being able to record Windows Media format files, but requiring a $10 plugin to record MP3's. Whoever thought of proprietary formats should be kicked hard in a very sensitive place.

Well, if I going to have to shell out money for lost functionality anyway, I think I'll go buy a third-party product, thank you very much.

-The Gneech
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