April 13th, 2003


You'd Think I'd Learn My Lesson

I have this annoying habit of putting something "aside" ... and then losing it completely. My workspace is filled with stacks of half-finished projects that got interrupted by annoying things like "work" and "sleep" (both highly overrated) ... but then I start another project that gets half-finished and has to be put aside so I can go to work, or go to sleep ... it's irritating.

Anyway, I went to draw up strips for this coming week and saw in my notes "use Studebaker joke." The Studebaker joke was written about this time last year, which means it's in my previous notebook of draft strips. No problem, I'll just dig out my notebook and pull it out. Let's see ... first old SJ notebook, second old SJ notebook, first old NN notebook, second old NN notebook, empty and unused WITD notebook *sigh* -- hey, where's the third old SJ notebook? That's the one I need! *rummage, rummage*

It ain't there. Which means it's in a pile. Argh. *kicks self*

Now, which is more work, to go through all these piles, or to do the necessary dogwork to rewrite the Studebaker joke?

Tough call. I guess I'll write a LiveJournal entry while I decide...

-The Gneech
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