April 15th, 2003

Kero asleep

Yeah, Well, That's Enough of That!

A variety of random thoughts this morning. In no particular order...

1) No George, you can't have Syria. You've gotten rid of Saddam, now it's Miller Time. Behave!

2) Why did I bother to wrestle myself into bed by 11:15 last night, if I'm just going to be sleepy today anyway? I had stuff I wanted to do.

3) I don't want to spend all day today starving the way I did yesterday. I am supposed to be losing weight, here.

4) I miss my Monday night Kung Fu classes. *sniff* On the other hand, I did get my bench press up to 100 lbs. on the Bowflex last night. :)

5) Corn! Rich, lush, nauseating corn!

6) There is no #6.

7) Actually, while you're at it, ignore #5, too.

EDIT: One more!

8) Micro$oft Word is a spawn of evil. All people of good heart should shun it as a thing of darkness, a foulness upon the Earth, worthy only to be cast down into the pit of eternal pain. It is a living nightmare that such a vile thing should even be allowed to exist.

-The Gneech
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