April 22nd, 2003


Wally Weirdness

Wally the bartending 'roo from SJ is a problematic character. His leading characteristic is that he stands in the back and doesn't make any noise, but for some reason, this has attracted him a small but vocal cadre of fascinated fans, who frequently bug me to give him more screen time, want to know more about him, and so forth.

I have never really been satisfied with his looks; I designed Wally by looking at various other 'toon 'roos out there, then looking at pictures of real kangaroos, and trying to find some kind of synthesis of those. I did that because, as a rule, 'toon 'roos don't actually look like kangaroos, who have camel heads, jackal ears, and a weird cable-suspension sort of body. Real kangaroos are all LEG, with silly little arms and hunched-over posture.

The 'roos in the pics I modeled Wally after also had prominent dark markings on their snouts behind their noses, which is why I gave him that dark "moustache."

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But as time has gone by, I've come to really dislike that thing. It just messes up the whole flow of his face. If you look at Vince's Mikey, for comparison, you see that Mikey is still identifiable as a kangaroo, but is a much simpler and more appealing character design.

So today, I'm looking at ways to tweak Wally's design, the way I did not too long ago with Eddie Ape and others. I'm thinking of minimizing the moustache to more of just a thick dark line (like on the side of Spiritwalker's muzzle. I'm not sure what else to do with him, tho ... I'm open to suggestions! I am definitely going to keep the more kangarooish posture; his body won't change that much.

-The Gneech
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