April 27th, 2003

Boromir battle

The (Embarrassment to All of) Man Show

Great, some dork invited The Man Show to Confurence.

Just as well that was Confurence's swan song, from what I hear. (Or death rattle, more like.)

I personally find the title "The Man Show" extremely misleading. Really their program should be "The Obnoxious Beer-Swilling Moron Show." There are lots of men who have very very little in common with Jimmy Kimble and his crew indeed.

Those guys wouldn't know squat about being a man if John Wayne rose from his grave and kicked their idiotic asses.

Being a man is about strength and honor, gallantry and grace. A man should be erudite, dignified, and charming. Things like bikini bimbos on trampolines barely passes as worthy of attention for neopubescent thugs in high school. A real man's response should be to give a dubious look, say with a sardonic sneer, "Way to raise the bar, boys; won't that be something you're proud to have on your tombstone?" and leave without looking back.

Oh well, I suppose nobody is totally worthless ... they can always serve as a bad example!

-The Gneech
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