May 8th, 2003

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No Big Surprise There...

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You're the Pink Panther. Suave and sophisticated,
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Pre-Adamite History

Every once in a while, some cache of gigantic homonid skeletons or 16" shoeprints that are way too old to exist or similar things will pop up and make people go, "Huh." Giants as a race (generally a hostile one) are common themes in early mythologies, whether they're nephilim, the inhabitants of Jotunheim plotting to destroy Asgard, or the cyclopean menaces of ancient Greece.

So who were they? I have no doubt that they were humans -- there are plenty of "giants" alive and well today -- but is it possible they were another "breed" of human so to speak?

It's hard to find any kind of information on the subject that doesn't smack of crackpottery ... lots of assertions that "The establishment is covering up the truth!" and "Their pride and vanity makes them refuse to admit I'm right!" and so forth. Well, that's as may be ... but it could also be that you're just a crackpot. Anthropology and archeology are not testable via the scientific method the way physics and chemistry are. But when you start talking about ancient texts as "proof," global conspiracies to keep real history a secret, or extraterrestrials, you immediately send up red flags. Such things are fine for fantasy and interesting speculation, but without something like hard evidence, you're just shootin' off your mouth.

I must admit I'm very amused at the way people get so worked up about the subject. Maybe there were giants; maybe there weren't. My own (unscientific, unprovable) opinion is that humanity has been around a lot longer than most people give it credit for, and not necessarily in the same form it's in today. Take a look at the bazillion different breeds of dogs that all descended from the wolf. Perhaps it's my taste in literature or my fascination with catastrophism, but my observation of human nature and the commonality of cycles makes the idea of large, advanced, and subsequently lost civilizations seem not only plausible, but very likely.

Not that I picture ancient Atlanteans zooming around in flying cars ... there would be artifacts of such a thing. But we've only got what we can find to work from. Take a look at our modern electronic society. In ten thousand years, when our books have disintegrated and every disk drive in existence has corroded into black powder, what will be left of our civilization? Big cement blocks, mostly. To the people of the future, we'll be just as much an enigma as the antediluvian peoples are to us.

"The people of 2000 a.d. having a global electronic network used for communication, argument, and passing lurid images back and forth? Preposterous!"

Heeheeheehee. :)

-The Gneech
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Tappity, Tappity

Well, a day of internet crackpottery and, uh, "creative anthropology" later, I finally latched onto an idea I liked to finish "The Stones In the Desert" with, much better than my initial idea which I wasn't too keen on (which is why it stopped after two installments). I started working on it some before my counselor appointment this evening, and hopefully I will be able to work on it some more tomorrow.

I'm quite pleased with how it's coming out, actually. Once the whole thing is done, I may stitch it all together as a single piece, run it through the ol' revise-o-matic a time or two to smooth it out, and then start shopping it around various fantasy magazines. I'd like to start making some headway on my writing.

No strip tomorrow, alas ... too much other stuff going on for me to be able to get a strip in, too. One of the reasons I've been reading and writing instead, is because I can still do those when my body is tired but my mind is awake ... cartooning, not so.

Anyway, now both my body and my mind are tired and have a headache, so I'd better head off to bed. G'nite, everybody.

-The Gneech
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