May 19th, 2003

Kero Power Tie

Aw, Crud, Back to Reality

Quick summary for interested parties:

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Alas, we had to hit the road at 1:00 to get to my boss's wedding in Frederick at 7:00 p.m. Mapquest sucked just as much on this leg of the trip as it had getting us to Cape May ... lots of right turns identified as lefts, referring to the outer loop of the Baltimore beltway as the inner loop, and mileage listings that made no friggin' sense. We still managed to find the place, which has to do more with Laurie's skills as a navigator than mine, and the fact that Maryland is slightly better than NJ about making decent roadsigns.

The wedding was a success; it was fun and pleasant, the food was pretty good (the lamb choppy sorta hors d'oeuvres were particularly yummy, but then I love garlic), and the DJ won big points with me by playing lots of B-52's, Billy Idol, and The Bangles. There isn't actually that much to say about it, which frankly I consider to be a fine quality in a wedding. ;)

I will mention that the Frederick Holiday Inn was very nice; easily as nice or nicer than some of the con hotels I've stayed at in the past few years, but noticeably cheaper. I particularly liked the big, roomy shower stall!

My only regret was, once we got back on Sunday, the weekend was pretty much gone. Laurie summed it up on Sunday morning when she said, "Okay, it's Saturday now, right?" The weekend did give the impression of being one very long day, which makes this morning seem awfully unfair. "What do you mean I'm back at work? I've still got at least one more day of weekend, don't I?"

And, speaking of which, it's time for once more into the breach. :P Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Night Creeps In

Kung fu ran long tonight; by the end of it, we were all staring at Sifu the way a cat stares at his owner holding the can opener ... 'cause we wanted the class to END!

I just realized, in the course of discussion with Laurie this evening, that I have a three day weekend coming up! WOOHOO! =)

Alas, it's late, which means I have to go to work now.

Well, actually, sleep immediately followed by work, which might as well be work.

Damn you, sleep. Damn you all to hell. I've got writing I want to do!

It ain't fair. :P

G'nite, everybody. :)

-The Gneech

PS: I wonder if this entry will post, or if, like everything else I've tried to do tonight, I'll get "Cannot find server."
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