June 8th, 2003


As I Ponder, Nearly Napping

I'm waiting for katayamma to finish coloring tomorrow's SJ and it suddenly occurs to me that I haven't posted any rambly minutiae about my weekend yet. So let's have at it!

As you may have gathered from this post, Friday night was marked mostly by insomnia and a certain amount of late-night moodiness. So Saturday, I made the conscious decision to sleep late and do only fun stuff on Saturday.

For the most part, this was successful; I don't even remember most of Saturday, 'cause it was a hazy tired blur. Camstone never replied to my e-mail inquiries of earlier in the week about gaming, but I decided this week that I wasn't going to wait around for him. I figured, if we're not going to do any proper gaming, I'd play D&D on the computer, specifically Icewind Dale II, in which I'm finally getting somewhere closer to where I left off before.

Today was mostly spent on shopping for Laurie's wardrobe and dodging various shows, art fairs, and festivals that kept jumping out at us. I woke up this morning from unpleasant dreams and found that I'd been sleeping in a strange pretzel-like position, which left me with a sore back all day ... but I still mustered up the willpower to do a round on the Bowflex. Mmm, Bowflex. :)

That's pretty much been it, I guess. My ColdFusion training last week was quite cool; tomorrow, laurie_robey's and my boss gets back from his honeymoon in France.

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-The Gneech
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