June 19th, 2003

Kero Power Tie

Creative Conundrum

From a chat...

the_gneech: If I could just get a good _plot_ worked out, I could have a solid career as a fantasy writer.

But to do that, I'd have to put SJ aside for a while, and the idea makes me cringe.

foxcutter: *nods* As always, the trick is to do both.

I need to figure out a realistic way to allocate my time. I'll come home one night and get a ton of stuff done (half a week's strips in one sitting, or belt out a 1,500-word treatise on some aspect of Ethangea), and feel great. The next night, I'll come home, pfutz around or just hang out on message boards because I'm tired, and be annoyed that a day's gone by without anything significant being done.

Usually, on those nights, I'm then extra annoyed at the end, because I was supposed to go to Kung Fu or do the Bowflex routine, and didn't do it.

I've got so much stuff that I want to do, and it's incredibly hard to prioritize. The job has to be done, to pay for life and stuff. The writing and cartooning are both important to me in ways the job will never be ... but I don't know that one can be chosen over the other. Unfortunately, the job sucks up so much time, that both of them kinda get the shaft.

Then, there's the exercise, which I love and is doing all sorts of wonderful things for me, but which sucks up time and energy like a mofo. I've been skipping Kung Fu a bit lately because the evening's class basically kills my whole night. By the time I get back from class, changed, and eat dinner, it's getting close to 9:00 and I'm just getting started with my drawing and/or writing for the evening. I'm feeling kinda guilty about this, and I try to get in a Bowflex workout to replace it, but it's an issue that needs addressing and fixing, and soon.

And that doesn't even begin to address things like gaming, just plain resting, and let's not forget, y'know, spending time with my wife!

I've cut out lots of things from my life to make room for my priorities. I rarely play computer games any more, I never watch TV and almost never watch videos. I generally don't read, and if I do it's never for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Unfortunately, I've pretty much reached the end of things I can think of to cut out. Everything that's left is there because it's either Very Important, or A Necessary Evil. And I _still_ don't have enough time to do it all, unless I can find some way to manage my time more efficiently. I can do that to some extent with to-do lists and the like, but once I get into the groove, I work pretty efficiently as it is.

I dunno. I'm sure I'll work it out somehow -- I just haven't found the solution yet.

-The Gneech
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