June 25th, 2003

Boromir battle

I Wanna New Game

I want to start a new elvish ranger dude, your basic Legolas clone. I'd off Theran in jamesbarrett's game and replace him, but I'd rather start this character off at first and build him up.

Of course, elves have "wizard" as their favored class, so to play this character as I'd want (i.e., mostly levels of ranger with a little bit of barbarian and/or fighter thrown in), I'd have to take hefty multiclassing penalties. I'd probably just stick with pure ranger ... the things I'd take ftr/bbn for aren't worth the cost, and 3.5e rangers are cool enough that they aren't really necessary.

Oh well. I'm sure there'll be another game ... sometime.

-The Gneech
Kero Power Tie

Los Hamm-Hamms

Kerry was kind enough to procure me a copy of the Hamtaro theme song in Spanish.

It makes my brain curl up in funky little knots. :)

That is all.

-The Gneech
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