July 7th, 2003

Boromir battle

State of the Gaming [Geekery]

I got a note from Amazon over the weekend; I don't think I'll be receiving 3.5e this weekend as predicted, but it'll probably arrive while I'm at AnthroCon. (Deja vu ... didn't that happen to me once before with something else?)

Since Laurie doesn't seem to be real enthusiastic about the idea of joining the D&D game (and I don't blame her, D&D's not really her style), I've put out some feelers on the ENWorld Message Boards on the "Gamers Seeking Gamers" board, and have one potential nibble for a fourth member of the group. Right now we're just in initial discussion stages, so I don't know if he'll be a good fit or not.

I don't think we're likely to game this weekend, because I've got to get ready for AC, which is going to be next weekend, which lets that out too. However, since the 3.5e books will be in after that, I'm thinking of maybe doing a 3.5e starter game the weekend after AC to try out the new guy, if he's interested. If he's a good fit and people are interested in the game, we can probably work him into the other games as well -- but if not, well, we can dump the starter game after a session or two and haven't caused any problems with our regular games.

-The Gneech