July 9th, 2003

Kero asleep

Return of the Reluctant Bodyguard

Lately I've been having a strange connected series of dreams in which I am some sort of bodyguard or security-type guy; I can't remember the details unfortunately, although in the dreams there is continuity.

Anyway, the recurring theme of these dreams is me reluctantly beating people up. Sometimes I'm guarding a place, sometimes a person, and other people will approach with the intent of stealing, kidnapping, or other mischief, and it's my duty to stop them. I always start out by intimidation to get whoever it is who's misbehaving to back down, but that never works, so I lay into 'em with fists and feet, depending on the circumstances, constantly begging them to surrender so I don't have to beat them up any more.

In the dream, the fight is basically no contest, but they won't surrender and they don't seem to believe that I'm capable of beating them senseless, which I then do because it's my duty, and feel bad about it.


Oh well, it's better than the giant bugs that were infesting my dreams last year (although they came for a brief visit again last week, much reduced but still shoe-sized).

-The Gneech
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