July 12th, 2003



The good news: The computer lives!

Apparently, it was the slave drive (an old internal HD I used for file storage and Photoshop scratchdisking) that died, not the primary HD, so taking out the slave drive fixed the problem.

The bad news: The slave drive had some files I was quite fond of. Particularly some of my fantasy writing notes, and my furry art collection. Some of the art that was on there is no longer available to the general public. :( I suspect that I have most of the writing files on my last backup.

Big, huge, humongous thanks to Laurie for all her help!

Anyway, that ate up pretty much all of my Saturday, but if I really crank tomorrow and Monday, I can probably get strips up next week after all. So thanks for the guest art offers (and I'd still love to get 'em for future emergencies), but I think the emergency has been averted. At least I hope so!

-The Gneech
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    Laurie playing "Monkey Island 2" on the other machine