July 31st, 2003


Offline Today

The network here at work is having serious packet issues. :) So if you're looking for me on a chat program, you won't see me today; I'm still reachable by e-mail or LiveJournal comment.

-The Gneech
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Block and Tackle

Actually, that's a nautical term, even if it sounds like football. Either way, it's only vaguely applicable here, but who cares? I write this junk for my own amusement. :)

In any case, I ordered the markers! All one hundred, forty-friggin'-four markers in the Prismacolor line, as a big ol' bundle. It was an indulgence, but it was an investment sort of indulgence, because I want to migrate away from colored pencils and to markers for my commission and con art. Markers have that toony, high-contrast, bright look that I try to work into my computer coloring.

As for where the money will come from, well, it's not that big a chunk; even if I don't get the funds back from David Pirkle, I have some reimbursement money coming from work and a few other bits of miscellaneous extra floating around ... and I'm going to be very stingy about my spending between now and Christmas. With the exception of the attendant expenses with Dragon*Con, this is probably my last major expenditure until it comes time to get Christmas prezzies.

Once I get all of the August Projects out of the way, I will also be in a position to start taking commissions again. My plan is to auction a few badges and perhaps a larger project or two in the later months of the year, for people who want them for cons or as Christmas presents.

The markers will probably come around Monday or Tuesday of next week; depending on where I get in the Too Much To Do List, I might make some of my current commissions test subjects as I learn how to use the things. My plan is to pull out all of the Vince / J Willard / Jen Sing / pics I have on hand, and stare at them while I practice. It'll take some effort to train myself to color from light to dark; on the computer, I generally do the base color first, then layer shadows over that, then do the highlights over the shadows. But on actual paper, with -- *gulp* -- no undo fuction ... you have to have a level of precision and control that intimidates the *bleep* out of me!

Wish me luck! And allow me to update the Collapse )


-The Gneech
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Gawd, I'm Bored

The work I have at the moment takes up just enough of my attention to prevent me from doing anything else simultaneously, but not enough to make it interesting.

The majority of my mind is banging around on the inside of my skull like a moth caught in a jar.

Gawd, I'm bored!

-The Gneech
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