August 4th, 2003


Artwork Pirates: Not Cool or Swashbuckley at All :P

Artwork pirates suck. I'll be interested to hear how this plays out.

I don't mind people who download and/or print a bit of art for their own use, reference, and enjoyment. I do that myself, although if an artist is good enough that I print more than one or two pieces, I will go ahead and buy prints etc. from them directly.

But to mass-produce and sell shirts without at least getting the artists' okay (we won't even start to discuss the matter of compensation) is just plain out of bounds.

-The Gneech
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Some Random Stuff

Item the First
I finally figured out what I don't like about most men's fashion ads and magazines ... everybody in them looks like characters out of Harold and Maude. (Note: I'm talking about things like Metro and GQ here, not crap like Maxim and other "The Man Show on paper" magazines.) Not that there's anything wrong with looking like a character out of Harold and Maude if that's your thing ... but c'mon, folks, VARIETY!

Item the Second
Collapse ) [1]

Item the Third
I wanna be home working on my vocation, not stuck here working on my job! :P It felt really good to be drawing, and making progress on the to-do list, this weekend. I need to work on a systematic and realistic way to get more, more, more of that, and less, less, less of the daily grind.

Item the Fourth
Mmmm ... venti no-whip mocha frappuccino! :d Between that and the "Hyper" playlist on my MP3 library, I'm a dancin' fool this afternoon!

-The Gneech

[1] By "Hot Chocolate."
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Kero asleep

Status Report

Look at all these little details being taken care of! Woohoo!

Ben Bear's check for his share of the AnthroCon room came today; Lux Veritas also got in touch with me with his address, so I'll be mailing off both his Mopsy pic and Azriphale's "Bad to the Gnome" pic tomorrow. I also got details about the one of the commissions I needed info on, and got a description from foxcutter for his character portrait. I also fixed the "2004" typo that people were giving me so much grief about all day.

On the Orange Alert front, I'm going to be downloading overnight a zip file from Hikaru that has all of the comics he's colored for me -- which are the base files I need for Orange Alert. The last strip in Love Bites was the last one before he started doing the color for me. I'll need to basically go through them one by one, pulling out the header, converting to grayscale and adjusting the 'color' balance as required for b/w printing, and saving for print format. Then I have to do covers, and any incidental files, as well as scanning Vince's crossover strips and adding the dialog back into them.

So I've actually had a pretty productive evening, although I kinda feel like I spent it sitting around.

Oh! I need to add "Hikaru Icon" to the commission list. Oops! *edits that*

Man, just think what I could get done if I could work on this stuff during the day when I have energy...
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