August 13th, 2003

Yue grim

Sadly, Crap Continues to Happen

Those of you who know foxcutter have probably already heard about the attempted assault upon his friends and himself.

This is not behavior that can be allowed to continue in a civilized society. Kudos to Foxcutter and his friends for keeping their heads in a dangerous situation, and more importantly, keeping their skins intact and getting as full and pertinent information to the police as possible, quickly. Also, kudos to the police for going after the culprits aggressively!

-The Gneech
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    Get 'em! >:(

Choke Around the Collar

My dress shirts, for some time, were tight around the collar, because I was overweight and my neck had excess fat. Then, thanks to Kung Fu and Bowflex, the fat burned away, and my collars loosened dramatically.

Now they're getting tight again, because the pulldown exercises are making my trapezius muscles (those bulgy ones that connect the back of your neck to your shoulders and make, say, the Hulk look like he has a tiny head) not only get larger, but also "ride up" my neck from where they were before.


-The Gneech, with compressed adam's apple
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