August 15th, 2003


Thoughts About Art

It is of course the curse of every artist to look at the work of other artists and go, "Great God on a pogo stick, how do you DO that? My stuff sucks!" Even if it doesn't.

That said, I must admit to intense pangs of jealousy when I look at a lot of artwork out there ... particularly (for instance) high school kids scribbling beautifully-rendered stuff in their notebooks while waiting for class to be over, while it's taken me the past 15 years to finally reach something like moderate proficiency. Darn you meddling kids and your dog!

Of course, I realize stewing in my own juices like that serves no productive purpose, but that's why I write it down here, to get it out of my head. Hopefully that will enable me to concentrate on positive steps to move forward, instead.

(Also known as, "Shut up, Leona, and let Tiffany take the wheel!")

Strange as it may sound, this random rumination has suddenly provided me with the idea I needed for the title page of Orange Alert -- how handy is that? Better start drawing!

*pulls out some bristol and a pencil...*

-The Gneech
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The Plan For This Weekend

Tonight I'm going to finish the title page for Orange Alert, which I did the pencils for here at work today in between debugs. (I'm taking the marker set over to taunt hantamouse with and generally be annoying about for the Friday night card game tonight.)

Tomorrow, after the morning Bowflex routine, I'm (probably) going to do the first two strips of September, just to be sure they're out of the way and done, put up the remainder of the month's filler strips, and then crank, crank, crank on Orange Alert.

I have the vague notion of squeezing in a third viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean sometime on the weekend, but that's up in the air.

Wish me luck!

-The Gneech
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