August 23rd, 2003

Kero Power Tie

The Heck Was THAT?

Because there was a cold snap and the temperatures are only in the 80s today, Laurie and I went over to play miniature golf with Mütti, hantamouse, and jamesbarrett in the morning. (It's almost like exercise, without all that pesky activity.)

Anyway, Hanta and I are standing around between putts and he suddenly says, "Quick, what is that?" I look up, and see some variety of funky plane on approach to a landing at Dulles Airport. It was white, looked to be about the size of a pretty ordinary single engine prop plane (as might be used for traffic reports or whatnot), but had a configuration straight off the cover of Popular Mechanics. When we got back, I did a very rough sketch based on what I could remember, which wasn't much:

The heck?

The primary wings were large and swept back, and there what appeared to be small horizontal wings (or possibly elevators?) in the front; there were two large prop engines mounted on top in the back, but there were no dorsal or vertical stabilizers at all that I could see (although there may have been small ones on the wingtips, the angle made it hard to tell).

Anybody got a clue? 'cos I sure don't!

-The Gneech
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