August 26th, 2003


Merrily We Roll Along...

Started doing the "real work" on the SJ site redesign last night; so far my beta viewers have had mixed reactions to the very rough bits and pieces that I've sent around to them. I do like the way the design concept I'm working on highlights Tiffany; I think she's kinda gotten shafted by the way the story keeps wandering away from her for months at a time. With the new design, Tiffany is always the star, even if today's, this week's, or this month's strips are about somebody else.

I've been thinking about Dragon*Con and plans therefor (is that a proper use of that?); I was originally not planning to take art materials, on the grounds that I didn't know how much use I'd have for them. And I still don't know ... but I find myself wanting more and more to some art for its own sake, rather than directly related to SJ, and I haven't been able to do as much of that as I'd like. In particular, I'd like to do some stuff outside of the furry genre ... I don't want my skills to become so specialized that I can't do anything else!

Unfortunately, space to carry stuff is at a big premium for D*C ... gotta go on the plane, and don't really want to take anything that can't go in a carry-on. Unfortunately, that includes clothes, any incidentals, and space to bring stuff back, such as the various Mage Knight figs or anime goodies that I might want to get. That right there blows the markers out of the water (I love my markers with a passion that would make my counselor nervous, but they definitely take up a lot of space); I can take a sketchbook and some pens without too much difficulty, and might do that as a compromise. But I wanna do some more finished pieces! *pout*

On a vaguely-related note, there is a movement afoot in the SJ forum to recruit _litho_ to do the art for NeverNever ... whether he wants to or not. FWIW, Litho has his own comic and has officially stated that he doesn't want to do NN, and his style, while very nice, isn't really what I'm looking for with it anyhow. So hopefully the jungloids will let that drop.

-The Gneech
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Drezzer cool

Wanted: Friendly, Intelligent Forumgoers!

NEEDED FOR SJ FORUM: Friendly, intelligent posters to discuss The Suburban Jungle, artwork, off-topic rambles and discourses on the nature of life, the universe, and everything. Some fanboyishness fine; ability to discuss topics OTHER than roo snogging or Conrad's orientation a big plus. Railroading lions, detail-oriented dragons, and engineers of all stripes (or spots or lack thereof) welcome. Pun wars and haiku particularly desired. Trolls, hotheads, or people who just can't keep themselves from being rude need not apply.

Inquire via internet at Suburban Jungle Forum, Keenspot. Equal opportunity message board.
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Language Geekery

Snagged from linguaphiles:

Scholars Perform Autopsy on Ancient Writing Systems

"When a system of writing begins to die, people probably don't even notice at first. Maybe the culture that spawned it loses its vitality, and the script decays along with it. Maybe the scribes or priests decide that most ordinary people aren't able to learn it, so they don't teach it."

"Or a new, simpler system may show up -- an alphabet, perhaps -- that can be easily learned by aggressive upstarts who don't speak the old language and don't care to learn its fancy pictographic forms."

FWIW, this is one reason why Bad English will someday defeat Correct French.

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep


I made some big strides on the new SJ design tonight; I'd go as far as to say the hardest part -- creating the basic look and feel -- is pretty well done. I still have to build the "Previous Strip / Next Strip" buttons, update various bits of text, and implement a storylines dropdown, and the index page will be finished. Once that's done, all of the other pages will flow quickly and easily from that template.

I had intended to post more of the various fanfics I've received to the site, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do that by September 1 ... so that'll have to be an ongoing lurker on the "Too Much To Do" list.

So it looks like I may very well be putting the new site up tomorrow night, if all goes well -- one day early! Leaving me with Thursday to get ready for Dragon*Con at a nice, relaxed pace. And maybe even -- gasp! -- draw something just for FUN!

Mmm, progress! Mmmmmm...

But now, I'm sleepy. So I'll bid you all a fond good night!

-The Gneech
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