September 5th, 2003

Kero Power Tie

*falls over*

Somebody just put a big honkin' contribution in the SJ Tip Jar for the computer fund ... whoof! Thanks dude! (You know who you are!)

Hmm ... I wonder if I should go the Public Television route and offer some kind of a shirt or artwork or something in exchange for big honkin' donations ... if nothing else to keep me from feeling so friggin' awkward about it. Whenever somebody does something like that for me, I feel like Mike Myers, kowtowing frantically and crying, "I am not worthy!"

-The Gneech
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    Peter Gabriel -- "Shock the Monkey"

As Strong Bad Might Say...

"Holy CRAP it's a nice day!"

Maybe the weather gods are trying to make up for it being such a wet, stinky armpit of a day yesterday?

Or maybe it's just the natural semi-randomness of weather.

Either way, what the HECK am I doing at work on a day like this???

-The Gneech
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    The Monkees -- All the King's Horses and All the King's Men