September 8th, 2003


Woohoo! :)

Another nice surprise from a certain tiny vulpine in the tip jar this morning! :) Thanks, dude! I also got an inquiry for a commission from a very unexpected source today, of the "You ... want a pic from ME?" variety.

Life is good. =^.^=

-The Gneech
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Boromir battle

*trumpet fanfare*

We're off to outer space
we're leaving mother Earth
to save the human race!
Our Star Blazers!

A cry for help
a desperate plight
makes our Star Force reunite!
As we rush to meet our fate
the Comet Empire awaits!

We must be strong and brave
to stop its evil ways!
If Zordar's plot should work
he'll destroy the universe!

We'll fight the Comet Empire!
Battle through the raging fire!
Filled with the hope that
Earth will survive
we'll keep peace alive!
With our Star Blazers!

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Kero Power Tie

The Marker Adventure Is Just Beginning...

Apparently, "Crop In Style" is considered a force to be reckoned with among sweet little grannies and other crafty types. For myself, while I admire the intent behind their Pen Caddies, a month of use has pointed out an important flaw:

Only one third of the loops are large enough to properly hold markers.

In an attempt to maximize their market, so to speak, the dangerous minds at "Crop In Style" (it's a brand name, not a verb) decided to make the loops on ONE side hold pencils, the loops on the SECOND side hold pens, and the loops on the THIRD side hold markers. Not an unreasonable line of thought, I grant you, but still frustrating to me.

I want to store 144 markers in an easily-accessible manner. I do NOT want to store 25 markers twice. Unfortunately, 66% of the loops on the pair of caddies are either slightly-too-small or WAY-too-small, forcing the markers to be crammed in so tightly that they cause the cardboard to buckle and getting the markers in and out of the loops is roughly like wrestling with a crab.

So this weekend I put my own dangerous mind back onto the task of finding something to serve the threefold purpose of (A) storing, (B) transporting, and (C) sorting the markers in a way that allows quick and easy access. I basically want something that will sit on the desk and I can easily pull markers out and put them away -- sorted -- and when it comes time to go to, say, FC2004, I can close it up and carry it off.

The markers did come with a boatload of studio stackers, which are more than sufficient for the "storing and sorting" requirements, even if they're not exactly compact. However, they fall to pieces if you look at them crosseyed (literally, not in the emotional sense) and if you tried to put them in, say, a box, it would be humongous!

So ... the search continues. Supposedly, Prismacolor has a 120-marker set in "a sturdy plastic base." I pondered the idea of getting this and selling off any duplicate markers on eBay. But I'm wary of doing so until I actually see this alleged sturdy plastic base and can rate it on portability.

Meanwhile, if anybody has a good solution suggestion for me, I'd love to hear it!

-The Gneech
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