September 23rd, 2003

Kero Power Tie

All Righty Then...

Heavy rains overnight, just a few days after the remains of Isabel wandered by, flooded all of our routes in to work this morning, so after spending an hour basically going around the block, we instead went over to Barnes and Noble so Laurie could get the new Lemony Snicket book, then we went home to wait it out and try again once things had calmed down a bit.

So now we're in at work. I've got some scanning to do, but I think before I do that, I'm going to clean up my office a bit.

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Drezzer cool


Spoke with Dave at Plan Nine, who says that he's hoping to have Orange Alert ready by Midwest Furfest. I wasn't planning to go to MFF this year for various reasons, but if the books are going to be unvieled there, it might be worth it after all.

For table space, I could mooch off of Plan Nine, or hang out in the artists' alley I suppose ... the big worry at this stage would be getting a room.

Must ponder!

-The Gneech
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Boromir battle

Well Then...

Through super-secret means, I have discovered that Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga will actually run on my machine ... although the copy I have access to seems to have some issues ... and no installer/configuration utility.

So now the quest becomes, to get ahold of a proper copy. I was a little leery of sinking a pile of money into it without knowing if it would play first.

There aren't any on eBay right now; there is one on Zshops, but $300 is a bit steep, even for WC ... considering I've aleady spent at least that much on the games the first time around!

But, in the words of Prince Kura, villain of The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, "He who is patient, obtains!"

-The Gneech
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