October 7th, 2003

Kero Power Tie


...is "sit at home and occasionally wince and go into spasms" day! Woohoo!


Resting the back, obviously; currently operating tolerably on two Advil and a lot of not moving. I've taken to sternly reprimanding my back as if it were a naughty child when it starts to scrunch up. Sounds odd, I know, but it works ... after a few seconds, my back sheepishly gives up on the spasm until it thinks I'm not paying attention again, and then has another one.

Depending on how comfortable or un-so it is to sit at the drawing table, I might try to get ahead on strips today, seeing as I'm home anyway.

On a different note, California is doing that recall election thingie today. The media favors Arnie; not knowing the candidates, I don't know who I would favor if I was there, but there are worse ones. (I don't know the facts on the groping thing; it's certainly quite creepy if true, but hardly worse than most prominent politicos these days it seems ... and the idea of Arnold being a Hitler admirer I find laughable and smacking of racism on the part of the anti-Arnold mudslinger squad.)

I actually don't expect him to win, if only because I don't trust the news agencies. I have this idea that there are probably several other candidates way ahead of him, but since they're not movie stars, the press doesn't even register their existence. I haven't confirmed this with any of my friends out west, tho. (With most of them, I'd rather not discuss things political, and with the rest, they don't pay attention anyhow.)

Given that this is the governership of a state I don't live in, it's mostly an intellectual exercise for me anyhow. If I remember my Constitution correctly, Arnold isn't qualified to run for Prez (I seem to recall you need to be born in the U.S. for that), so I don't expect to see him on a national stage any time soon.

I'd say "may the best person win," but the best person wouldn't run, so that's kinda out of the picture. :)

-The Gneech
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