October 13th, 2003

Vote Six

Alas, Poor Rush

This morning I've noticed several headlines and articles that more than anything else smacked of "I want to get MY kick in while Rush Limbaugh is down!" No big surprise I suppose; besides the inherent pleasure the media gets from any feeding frenzy, the fact that they get to tear apart someone they consider an enemy is icing on the cake.

For myself, I have mixed feelings about El Rushbo and the whole thing. During my liberal days, Rush was on the "hate because we tell you to" list, and so I did. My first clue that something might be up with that is when I was reading an anti-Rush rant that said, in effect, "And worst of all, he backs up his assertions with facts, which is just plain unfair!"

That made me stop and blink a few times, and decide to Collapse )
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