October 17th, 2003

Kero asleep

Me = Geek

I stayed up until way too late last night playin' with the new toy ... but honestly, 5:00 a.m.'s got no business coming so close on the heels of 9:30!

Aside from a few minor glitches at start ("Say, that big heat sink isn't supposed to be banging around inside the case unattached to anything, is it?"), quickly fixed with the cellphone coaching of mammallamadevil, the machine is up and purring like a kitten.

A loud kitten with two internal fans, but a kitten nonetheless. I have named the machine Tiffany. :)

Once basics were in place (e-mail, chat, etc.), I installed various games on it last night to get a feel for the graphics capability and general coolness of the thing. Crimson Skies and Neverwinter Nights were impressive upgrades from the Pavilion's versions. Wing Commander: Prophecy was already pretty much maxed out before and didn't have any improvements to make (although there is a high-res patch out there I may play with). And of course, I installed Temple of Elemental Evil to give it a try. Jury's still out on that one, purely from a gameplay POV ("Uh, WHY did you have the barbarian talking to the temple priest when I specifically sent my cleric to do that?"), but the graphics are pretty nice. Badly needs better character portraits tho ... ugh.

Still to be done: install Photoshop and Dreamweaver, get the SCSI card and scanner up and running, install and configure the drawing tablet, and begin the long process of transferring stuff OFF of the Pavilion, so that can be wiped back to Win98 for a "play old games" machine.

Oh, and rebuilding the MP3 library... ;)

I need to draw at least four strips this weekend, too; I been slacking!

-The Gneech
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The Lunch That Wouldn't Die

Okay, I just spent two and a half hours at yet another birthday lunch; this time we went to "Jendai," an expensive and trendy sushi place at Tyson's Corner.

Worst good food I ever had. :P

I'm tempted to write a long laundry list of stuff that was wrong with the place, but I have to get back to work to make up some lost time. Suffice to say, it took forever, it was botched from top to bottom, and it cost us a mint for what we got.

The delightful cherry on top of this Bad Restaurant Day cake was this moment:

MY BOSS: "I ordered the 'banana split cake' for dessert."

THE WAITER: "I don't have a 'banana split cake.' Here's your key lime pie!" *thunk!*

By that time, the whole thing had become such a farce that we were all punchy and laughing at how ridiculous it all was. So even though this was a complete fiasco as far as a meal goes, in its own way it was much more enjoyable than the hour of political ranting that was my lunch on Monday.

The moral of the story: RUN! SAVE YOURSELF! GET OUT OF JENDAI SUSHI BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! And don't discuss politics at the meal table. ;)

-The Gneech

PS: Another birthday lunch next week ... I don't mind telling you, I'm scared!
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Boromir battle

Mystery Solved!

Yesterday, while walking out to lunch and then again later, Laurie and I noticed a big ol' helicopter, dark green in color with a gold stripe, flying what seemed to be a pattern over Tysons, and we wondered what it was.

It was one of these.

-The Gneech
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