November 10th, 2003



Finally got to see Brother Bear over the weekend, and I enjoyed it.

Good Points: Beautiful art from start to finish, some nice little flourishes and throwaway gags; I particularly liked the post-transformation scene with the Inuit wise woman talking to Kenai. ("Shush, honey, I don't speak bear!") Although everybody talks about Bob and Doug Moosekenzie (and they were good), I actually found the rams ("No YOU shut up!") a lot more amusing.

Bad Points: Music inserted because you have to have pop songs in these things (sigh), plot that was thinly transparent from start to finish ("Separated from your mother eh? Guess who."), weak motivations. ("I hate bears. I met this kid. I like bears now because the script says so.")

The one big question I have is: when do we see the movie about a bear who gets turned into a salmon to learn special lessons about life, love, and what it's like to be hunted by bears?

Overall review: Good, but not great. Better than, say, X-Men 2, but not as good as Pirates of the Caribbean.

-The Gneech
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