November 21st, 2003


Links Makes a New Friend

I took the Excalibur wallpaper down from my machine, as it was starting to look disturbingly phallic ... and replaced it with a picture from Anne Liebowitz's big "Harry Potter" spread in Vanity Fair when the first movie came out.

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My Memory Is Getting as Bad as a ... Um ... I Forget

My concentration and memory have taken a noticeable decline lately (as in, the past few years generally, and the past few months especially). I have been assuming that's it's mostly a result of lack of sleep combined with stress, but whatever it is, it's annoying.

Anyway, sometime in the past week, somebody posted response to a comment I made in somebody's LJ, in which they said something to the effect of, "Your handle seems familiar, but I can't place it. Who are you?"

Chances are, since many of the people I follow in LJ are furries, this person saw SJ and caught my name there, although I have in the past been semi-noteworthy in other circles as well (primary in the RPG writing world). I meant to post as much in response to the person ... but now I can't remember whose LJ their comment was in! I went back on my friends list and looked for all the posts I remembered commenting on, but never found it.

It's kind of amusing ... I've forgotten where the person is who forgot who I was. :) But at the same time, I am a bit disturbed by the big ol' swiss cheese that my consciousness has been turning into. My mind is one of the few parts of me that I have much faith in, and it's a scary thing to have it coming up lemons and oranges so much.

I have a particular fear of ending up with my dad's habit of not being able to finish his sentences because his mind chokes on a relatively simple word.

"Okay, put the bacon into the ... um ... the thing."

"The thing?"

"You know, the ... THING!"

"What thing?"

"The thing the bacon goes into!"

"The refrigerator?"

"No! The ... *frustration* the THING! You know!"

"Ummm ... tupperware?"

"NO! The ... damn it ... the THING!"

"The frying pan?"

"FRYING PAN! Yes! Put it into the frying pan."

I've had many, many such conversations with my dad over the years, and I don't relish the idea of other people having similar conversations with me.

-The Gneech
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SJ To Take Break Next Week, Open Call for Filler

Since next week is Thanksgiving and there is family stuff being potentially troublesome between now and then, SJ is going to take next week off. Maybe I'll use some of the free time to do some outside art projects and get some writing done. :)

If anybody is interested in supplying filler art, let me know!

-The Gneech
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A Random Recommendation

I know lots of people who have problems with, for lack of a better term, their "people skills." Lots and lots of such people. Having grown up as a mostly-solitary child, a badly-socialized adolescent, and an emotionally-fractured young adult, I understand these people very well, for I have been (and sometimes still am) one of them.

One thing my dad did right during my teenage years, however, was to get me to read the famous Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. I didn't want to read it, because the title has been the butt of so many jokes and spoofs and I felt kinda stigmatized by the idea that I didn't have any friends, but at the same time, well, I didn't have a lot of friends, and I did actually want to change that.

So, I read it. It originally came out in 1937, so there have been a lot of editions since then and there were a lot of dated references about traveling salesmen and so forth, but once I got past the "Aww, geeze, do I have to?" stage and started really reading the book, it made a huge difference, and for the better.

The main thing the book did was help me make a fundamental shift in my way of thinking about interpersonal relations -- taking the focus off of myself and what I wanted all the time, and putting it onto trying to understand and develop rapport with the other person. That is, to get into their shoes and try to see things from their point of view, and in so doing figure out how to get them what THEY wanted -- which would in turn give them a motivation to help me get what I wanted, turning it into a win-win situation.

It's amazing what a difference it makes. It hasn't made it so that I got along with everybody, alas ... but I still get along far better with more people now than I did then. All in all, it's an excellent and helpful book, and I recommend it to anybody who wants to get along better with the world. Best of all, just about every library in the universe has at least a handful of copies, since it's such a well-known and popular classic in the field, so it's easy to read for free.

-The Gneech, deliverer of unsolicited testimonials
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