December 12th, 2003


Today's Forgotten English

This one may be of interest to D&D geeks...


A spider's web; [from] atter, poison, and coppe, a cup, receiving its denomination, according to Dr. Jamieson, partly from its form and partly from its character -- a cup of venom. The word is occasionally used to denote the spider itself, and a female of a virulent or malignant disposition is sometimes degraded with the appellation.

--John Brockett's Glossary of North Country Words, 1825

Feast Eve of St. Josse, who was invoked for protection from fevers. Dr George Wood's book of remedies, Vitalogy (1865), offers this rather unusual cure for fever sufferers, "The cobweb of the spider is said to be a specific for fever and ague. When rolled into an ordinary-sized pill, two or three will be generally sufficient to effect a cure, but more may be taken if necessary, used every two or three hours. Some physicians give it in about five-grain doses ... The brown or black spider produces for the purposes the best web, and it is usually found in cellars, dark out-houses, and barns. It ... generally produces the most delightful state of bodily and mental tranquility."

Mmm, yummy spiderwebs. :P

-The Gneech
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Shaoran Action

Remote Entry

I'm posting this at the hantamouse and jamesbarrett's house, where jamesbarrett is going to be annoyed because I logged him out.

Anyway, after Kung Fu this evening (which was another great session, I love my Kung Fu), I decided to check out the opinion of Dexter the Mecha-Scale (the replacement for Skippy the Wonder Scale), who informed me that I am still 284.5 lbs.

Still. :P

I've shrunk from "Friggin' Huge" to "Not So Wee," and I've been exercising and reduced my fat/sugar/etc. intake for the past three years. Granted, I've developed a lot more muscle, particularly in my legs (yes, like Hercules, I have iron in my thighs), but I have a hard time believing that the amount of muscle I have weighs exactly the same amount as the fat I've lost.

Anyway, "Fact or Crap" is calling me, so I'd better go. Au revior!

-The Gneech
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