December 16th, 2003


Orson Scott Card (!) Lets Fly With Both Barrels

Campaign of Hate and Fear -- WSJ opinion article; you may have to register to read it. The text is copied in bearblue's LJ here. Be warned: he is not kind to his fellow democrats ... put your thick skin on before reading.

Ender's Game notwithstanding, I've always thought of OSC as something of a peacenik ... I guess it's Ender's angsty guilt combined with Mr. Card's Mormon heritage. But this article really blasts the current crop of democratic candidates for their positions re: Iraq and the "war on terror."

Even as a libertarian, I found myself saying "ouch."

I've got to have a sit-down and think about this. Maybe I'm just nuts, but this strikes me as being some kind of a watershed event ... I just wish I could tell what it signifies. But it's got me worried.

-The Gneech
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Yes, Definitely

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy is the best music for writing Michael Macbeth stories to.

In case you were wondering.

-The Gneech
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Discovering Details

I've spent the evening writing up a biography of Dr. Vardeman for my Michael Macbeth novel ... and I've only gotten to age 11. Who knew that Vardeman was a Beatles fan? It certainly is humanizing him a bit. It's also giving me a handle on just what sorts of things made him into the cheery, well-adjusted bloke he is today.


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