December 27th, 2003

Kero asleep


Christmas day was nice enough, and I got some very cool stuff (not to mention a totally unexpected present from nekomimikun that left me dazed and confused). Then took my parents to visit the relatives from my mom's side of the family in Maryland, where we were surprised to also find my mom's sister from Florida in attendance. (If you've heard me refer to my aunt the nun, that's her!) I asked her if she knew my buddy Rev. Close [1], but she didn't.

Unfortunately, my mom was suffering from a bug and couldn't enjoy the trip as much as she'd have liked -- and was practically an invalid by the time we got her home.

Thus when, the next day, Collapse )

Today, we're driving down to Tidewater to visit Laurie's relatives, having been all funned out by mine for the past two days. We drive back tomorrow and go to work again Monday ... gah. So don't expect to see any Suburban Jungle, expect maybe sketches if I can squeeze 'em in, until January 5th.

-The Gneech

[1] Beloved of the Dirt Den Inn crew.
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Today's Forgotten English


An expression framed on the model of second-sight, meaning a presage by means of the sense of smell.
--Edward Lloyd's Encyclopædic Dictionary, 1895

Death of English "enthusiast" and prophet Joanna Southcott (1750?-1814)
A fanatic of this name, formerly of Exeter, came to London, where her followers at one period amounted to many thousands, and among whom were colonels and generals in the army, although the low and ignorant principally were her dupes. She announced herself as the woman spoken of in the Book of Revelation [XII]; a disorder of rather rare occurrance gave her the outward appearance of pregnancy after she had passed her Grand Climacteric [age 63] favouring the delusion that she would be the mother of a promised Shiloh.
--Joseph Haydn's Dictionary of Dates, 1841

A stone has since been erected to [Southcott's] memory which, after reciting her age and other usual particulars, concludes with some lines, evidently the composition of a still unshaken believer, the fervour of whose faith far exceed his inspiration as a poet.
--W. & R. Chambers's Book of Days, 1864
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