December 30th, 2003

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Home Again, Have More Forgotten English


The quality of being viridescent, somewhat green, or virid; [1800-early 1900s].
--James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1928

Missing Mistletoe
Among the ancient Druids, the mistletoe was the object of special veneration, but only when it grew upon an oak. ... As oaks were their sacred trees, whatever was found growing upon one they regarded as sent from heaven, and as a mark that the tree was set apart for special veneration. Hence, they called the parasite omnia sanitatem, "all-heal," and looked upon it as a cure for sterility and an antidote for poisons. ... It is hinted that even in Druidic times the parasite rarely if ever grew on oaks, but that the wily priests would furtively transplant their mystic shrub from apple-trees, where it was sure to grow, to oaks, where otherwise it would be unlikely to be found. ... At the present moment, it is estimated that in all England there are not half a dozen oak trees on which the parasite is growing.
--William Walsh's Curiosities of Popular Customs, 1897

Fun. :)

In other news, Laurie and I are back from our various familial trips and intend to spend tomorrow and New Year's Day relaxing and keeping obligatory activities to a minimum. Aside from the traditional trip to the jamesbarrett, hantamouse, and Mütti's house to ring in the new year, just about the only officialish sort of thing we're likely to do is update Quicken and do whatever shuffling we need to do to pay the rent.

Laurie's dad's funeral was pleasant and relatively angst-free, thank goodness. Thank you, everybody, who sent your condolences and comforts!

That's all for now. Catcha later, everybody!

-The Gneech
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