January 28th, 2004

Yue grim

A Bit Late for Con Crud, Isnit?

Mmm ... yummy throat spray...


*gag, cough, sputter*

Mmm, it makes my morning oatmeal antiseptilicious!

Think I'll be working from home today. *cough*

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Drezzer cool

G'Day, Bruce! =D

T'day, I am officially Australian, so I can wrap the ol' bean around a new feller 'oos gonna show up in Suburban Jungle in the next week or two. Sorry, dewhitton, 'e won't be a bat. But I still don't know exactly what the bloke'll be yet. My first thought was a great big husky dog like they 'ave up in Alasker, except what would one of those be doin' downundah?

The fellah hails from Queensland originally, and now tours around with "Litho's Magnificent Donkey" in some capacity'r'other. And if the funny voice is overdone, I trust my Aussie readers'll put me right, soon enough! Afterall, I can't go 'round mangling both Drezzer's Yorkshire/Cockney mishmash and a Bananalander's lingo too, can I?


-The Gneech

PS: There is NO number six!

EDIT: Hmm ... how about an Australian Blue Cattle Dog?
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Kero asleep

Here Comes the Sun

I feel that ice is slowly melting...

I got some scripting done tonight; only a week's worth, but a nice strong week, and it's going to, I hope, get the storyline back on track from what has started to look more and more to me like a wrong turn on the "Arthur goes to summer camp" scale -- i.e., the storyline that soured NeverNever for me.

The new character has not made his appearance yet, but Athena T. Lion finally actually appears in the strip, and what an entrance! :)

I knew that con would be good for me. :)

I wanted to do more, but I'm still recovering from Da Crud, and got tired fast. I'm going to hit the hay early tonight, in the hopes that in the morning, I'll feel better. G'nite, world!

-The Gneech
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