January 30th, 2004

Yue grim

Yesterday's Extra-Spooky Bit of Forgotten English


Many hundreds of persons in the neighborhood of Burnley place implicit credence in the reality of the appearance of a death sign, locally termed [a] skriker. It has the appearance of a large black dog with long shaggy hair and, as the natives express it, "eyes as big as saucers." ... Should anyone be so courageous as to follow the appearance, it usually makes its retreat with its eyes fronting the pursuer, and either sinks into the earth with a strange noise, or is lost upon the slightest memory inattention. Many have attempted to strike it with any weapon they had at hand, but although the appearance stood its ground, no material substance could ever be detected.
--Choice Notes from "Notes and Queries,", 1859

Feast Day of St. Gildas the Wise, a sixth-century monk revered as a protector against dog bites and rabies.

Creepy, man! Particularly since all the light bulbs in my office are burned out and I'm sitting in the dark. Auspicious start for the day!

-The Gneech

EDIT: Oops! It's Friday, not Thursday ... this is yesterday's entry! The con messed up with my sense of time!
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Drezzer cool

Out of Commissions

I suck at doing commissions in a timely fashion ... I admit this freely and of my own will. I'm just not used to doing them! At a con, I do 4-8 pieces in a day, but at home I just forget to work on them until they're six months overdue or worse. So, in addition to my resolution to get ahead, I'm going to add the following:

5. Do one piece of non-strip artwork (preferably a commission or art show piece) every other weekend (or two per month, depending on how scheduling works out).

Something that I've noticed myself doing is occasionally thinking, "Y'know, I'd like to draw something, but I have no idea what." Given that I have a list of promised pieces an arm long, you'd think the obvious answer would be to do one of them, wouldn't you?

Of course, the problem with that is that when I can get a chance to work on them, half the time the first step is to hunt through my old e-mails and find the descriptions and reference materials I need. So another change of habit I need to make is, when I get a commission request, to print out the details and find any refs I need right away, then tuck them into my sketchbook so that when I get a few minutes to plug away at it, they aren't wasted in administrivia.

Besides clearing away some of the mental clutter, these practices might open up my schedule to auction more pieces/commissions, or build up enough materials to start putting stuff into the art shows at conventions, which would be a cool thing. :)

Plus, y'know, practice. Practice gooood. :)

-The Gneech
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