February 3rd, 2004


Get a Piece of Tail!

Spreading the word, here: mammallamadevil's mom (whom I affectionately refer to as "Grammallamadevil") made a bunch of tails on impulse from a leopard-print remnant she had floating around the house ... and so now Mammallamadevil has the tails floating around HER house!

So she's auctioning them off on Furbid. They are extremely nice tails -- I would get one myself, 'cept I'm a lion. :) Check 'em out!

They make great presents. ;)

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*random wish*

Y'know, I wish AnthroCon was in late April, instead of July. March is too soon for another con, and July isn't soon enough.

-The Gneech

Edit: Maybe I'll try to organize some kind of local furry bowling night or something this spring ... it's been a long, cold winter! And PandaGuy shouldn't have to do all the work. ;)
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Interesting Times for Animators

Snagged from rigelkitty:

Roy Story II: Pixar Split May Be the Beginning

A quote that interested me:

"What's the rush?" [Ron Diamond] asks. "The contract has two more years to run. Pixar won't have its own picture to put out for three to four years. The question is: Did Steve (Jobs) do this for Roy [Disney]?"

Hmm ... from what I know of Steve Jobs, I wouldn't put it past him. The scenario of Michael Wanker Eisner being ousted by the board, Roy Disney taking over, and patching up the Disney/Pixar partnership (and rebuilding the 2D animation department, for crying out loud!), appeals to me.

Good luck, fellas!

-The Gneech
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Drumroll Please...

Ladies and gentlemen, at 10:50 p.m. EST today, I completed drawing the 2/11 strip for Suburban Jungle and began uploading it to katayamma's server for coloring.

With that act, SJ was officially one week ahead. :)

Yes, I know, it sounds incredible, and you may be inclined to doubt, but I promise you, on my word as a cartoonist, that it is true!

Now I wish I could say that I would be maintaining that buffer in the immediate future, but the reality of it is that I will most likely not. Tomorrow night I have to try to get back to Kung Fu, cold or no cold, and what time I have after that will be spent on commissions; Thursday, if I can get some strips done, I will, but I am short a script for that purpose still.

Nevertheless, this is a good first step, and I shall build on it. :) Oh yes, I shall!

But now, it is bedtime, and I am pooped. Good night and pleasant dreams to you all!

-The Gneech
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