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February 10th, 2004


I seem to have forgotten Norway.

-The Gneech ("Wasn't there something about fjords?")
Happy birthday, satyrblade!

And to celebrate this special occasion, here's a song from your old friend, Scumbag the Birthday Clown!

HEEEEEEYYYY! It's your BIIIIIRTHDAAAAY!!! That means it's time to do THE BIRTHDAY SONG!!!

Oooooooh, happy birthday, happy birthday!
Whoop-dee-doo! Whoop-dee-doo!
Hope ya don't resent it!
Open up your present!
Just for you! Just for you!

*Scumbag the Birthday Clown leaves a box with a big red ribbon, and when Phil opens it, it explodes, turning him into a big black smudge with two surprised-looking googly eyes that go "blink, blink"*

-The Gneech <-- wonders if he's the only one who remembers this bit

Morning Thoughts...

Comment-disabled because I'm not up to a political discussion today, and lj-cut in case you don't feel like one either.Collapse )

And in conclusion, The Onion has it right.

-The Gneech

Let's Don't the Time Warp Again

It's been so long since I was noticeably ahead on my strips, that I had forgotten the Audience Response Time Warp. katayamma and I spent this morning wrangling out the color for next Wednesday's strip, and I'm very pleased with it ... only to then realize that it'll be over a week before anybody sees it! D'Oh!

Back in The Old Days (e.g., 1999), I used the Audience Response Time Warp as a scripting tool ... I'd pay attention to what the readers were chatting about and/or sending me e-mail about, and craft my scripts with those responses in mind. But because the strips didn't come out until a month later, people had sorta forgotten about whatever the item was, and would be pleasantly surprised by the "response."

That tactic doesn't work very well when you're only working a day or two ahead, not only because it's painfully obvious to readers what you're doing, but also because there isn't any distance between the action and the re-action. When a moment in the strip has time to "simmer," it becomes a lot more powerful and meaningful later.

I'm enjoying getting ahead. :) My buffer will take a bit of a hit this weekend, but assuming I get some good drawing done tonight I should still be roughly a week ahead, if not more, by this time next week. :) FC has really been a boost to my creative output!

-The Gneech

I Would Just Like to Say...


-The Gneech

PS: Quite a few late nights this week ... lots of stuff going on. Last night was particularly irritating because a chiropractor appointment that should have taken 15-20 minutes took an hour. But I wanted to crank out a good buffer of strips, and I have! I have penciled through 2/23 now, and will have the inks to katayamma tomorrow; I've knocked out half of my outstanding commissions (and the rest are waiting on input from the buyer). I have gone from feeling overwhelmingly behind to comfortably ahead, in just two short weeks. So now, I've got to get my rest, so I don't crash and lose all my momentum ... and work out a to-do list for projects I might be able to squeeze in around the edges of my trip. I already have an idea for the AC con book!

So g'nite, all, and have a truly awesome tomorrow!

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