February 11th, 2004

Kero asleep


So I spent the night tossing and turning; I had multiple bad dreams that woke me up. The only one I can remember any of now, I had this pair of adorable little pet critters, that looked pretty much like foxes, but were the size of chipmunks. They were a pair of siblings, the sweetest little varmints you could imagine.

And they died. :-` I was delayed at work or some such and couldn't get home to feed them in time, so they starved.

And then somehow I got them again ... and they died again, this time crushed in a box that some #*&@!! put a heavier box on top of.

And then somehow I got them again ... and they died again, drowned in a big glass of milk. At this point, I just stared at the poor dead things and said to the universe, "Oh, come on!" Then I woke up.

So I wasn't exactly cheerful when I woke up. :P Fortunately, a grande skim no-whip white mocha and a MP3 jukebox full of bouncy tunes has come to the rescue.

Mmm, grande skim no-whip white mocha and bouncy tunes...

Okay, I can cope now. :)

-The Gneech
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3, 2, 1 ... Let's Jam!

Well, okay, it was cruddy morning, but I feel great right now! It's a bright blue sunny day (man, it's been a long time since I saw one of THOSE), 40-some degrees (havin' a heat waaaave), I'm all caffiened-up, I'm expecting to get Disk 2 of Cowboy Bebop tonight, and life is good. :)

For those of you who knew me (or at least read my LJ) back when I was still fighting the depression, I imagine this is quite a change for you from the morose guy I was back then ... a positive one, I hope. ;) Truth of the matter is that this is what my "natural" personality is like; the depression turned me into somebody else, somebody that I didn't much care for, and frankly I'm glad he's gone.

I had a realization a few months back while I was chatting with tygercowboy; I'd had a long day of comforting various unhappy people, and when TC popped up in the chat list, it was a profound relief to see somebody who I knew would be cheerful, upbeat, and positive to talk to. That made me realize that there were basically two types of people I interacted with: ones who brought me up, and ones who brought me down. I then decided two things: first, to try to seek out and reinforce the former, while trying to minimize the latter, and second, to make sure that for other people around me, I was one of the former myself. And both parts of the decision have been important factors in my own turnaround.

So my advice is: go be somebody's cheerleader today! ;) Just make sure it's somebody on whom all your positive energy won't be wasted ... there are black holes out there. :)

-The Gneech
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Mmm, Bowflex...

Well, recall or no recall, I decided to do da Bowflex tonight, and go to Kung Fu on Friday. After my last round of back problems, I had sorta fallen off of the Bowflex routine, then there was holidays, then there was getting ready for the con, then there was being sick ... feh. There's always going to be something! The only way to do it, is to, you know, DO IT.

So I did. :) I figured, I've been using the thing a year and it hasn't blown up the house yet ... and since the recall is just a reinforcement piece for the lat tower, as long as I don't use the lat tower, I should be fine. I also combined the workout with stance practice, aiming for five minutes in each stance (although I could only hold Gungbu for 2.5 mins on each side), and stretches.

When I was finished, I looked like Collapse )

Well, actually I didn't ... not yet ... but I'm getting closer all the time! [1] With this spring/summer's push on the Kung Fu, Bowflex, and diet, I expect to make some major gains in the area of sveltitude this year.

Also, watched episode five of Cowboy Bebop this evening. I'm still liking it!

Now, to round off the evening with some yummy, delicious SLEEP, something I haven't been getting as much of as I should the past week. G'nite, everybody!

-The Gneech

[1] "King of Clubs" by Vince Suzukawa, one of the originals I brought home with me from FC2004. Yes, that picture is MINE! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mwuuhahahahaaa!

*ahem* Sorry about that, excuse me.
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