February 12th, 2004

Shaoran Action

Bowflex Redux

Reading the details of the recall in the link that rigelkitty provided, I see that the problem is that on machines with the lat tower attachment, the bench can "unexpectedly collapse" in the incline position ... so it's not the lat tower itself that's the problem, but rather how the bench props against it.

The company has received "at least 70" reports of injury since 1995; while that could easily mean 71 or 100,000, I'm guessing that this is a relatively rare occurrence. I'm not real worried about it; probably what I'll do is just go back to freeweights for the bench press and resisted crunch (which are the exercises in the basic set that use the bench in the incline position) until the repair kit arrives.

-The Gneech
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Kero Power Tie

No, Not Pants

Meh ... I can't tell if this headache is from waking up in the wee hours this morning, or from fighting with this stupid file-upload page I've been trying to build. It's been so long since I did anything actually like programming, that I've forgotten how to build a proper if/then sequence! And then it turns out that CFFILE doesn't work the way I want it to anyway. Le sigh. Back to the drawing board!

Tonight I have a visit with the ol' counselor. :) I've gradually been cutting back the frequency of my appointments as my overall positive outlook gains and maintains stability. I currently go about once a month or five weeks ... probably after tonight that will extend to six weeks. Eventually I'll pretty much stop going all together except for the occasional phone call or something similar. He's been a big help over the past three years, but I've reached the point, three jobs and two major insurance providers later, where the visits are a pleasant chat, but are pretty much superfluous in terms of my mental/emotional health.

Tonight, I'll probably finish inking the 2/20 and 2/23 strips, too. Mmmm, being ahead...

-The Gneech
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Ooga Chakka

Argh! I've got that stupid "Ooga Chakka" version of "Hooked On a Feeling" going through my head!

*bangs head on monitor*

-The Gnee*BONK*
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