February 14th, 2004

Shaoran Action

*whump* Ooof...

Kung Fu was a struggle tonight. I push myself hard in class, but I seem to be 34 going on 50, and my body gives out faster than anyone else's. In an effort to combat this, I keep going to the point of exhaustion, not stopping until my body physically cannot continue.

Most people in class don't reach that point, being half or two thirds my age -- or having been practicing Kung Fu for a decade already. Unfortunately, I had to stop because I was getting light headed ... I literally couldn't hold myself standing any longer, and I really hate that feeling.

However, it wasn't all bad! Sifu Bloomfield repeatedly had me demostrate the basic kicks to the beginners in class, pointing out what good form I had each time. That was a nice ego boost. :) Now if only I could build endurance!

We're going to be busy all weekend, helping Laurie's brother clean out their dad's house. Fortunately, this shouldn't be too traumatic ... there's little if anything there that has any sentimental attachment, it's just all the stuff he collected in the past several years. However, the house is, from all reports, rather disgusting, so it's liable to be dirty work. But, it has to be done. Selling the house should cover the medical/funeral expenses, which her brother has been shouldering until now.

On an unrelated note, Keenspot sent me a nice royalty check last week, and I also got a nice share of booty from the Merchandise Maven, so suddenly I'm awash with unexpected cash. Since when does that happen? Some of it is going to the "Save Up for Dragon*Con" fund; I think the rest, I will probably put towards getting some E-Tools data sets. :) Barnes & Noble called today to tell me that my Conan d20 is in, too, so I'll stop by there on the way out in the morning and grab that before we hit the road.

But now, I must sleep. G'nite, all, and be good while I'm offline! I'll cya Monday.

-The Gneech
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