February 15th, 2004


Hey! Thanks, God!

Well, the weekend of house-slogging was short and sweet. :) Two very cool things happened:

First, somebody wants to buy Laurie's dad's house. As is. As soon as the mortgage is approved. They brought a copy of the submitted loan application around to show Laurie's brother as proof of intent. They don't want any painting/recarpeting etc. done, they have relatives who are housing contractors and want to do all of that stuff themselves -- they just love the neighborhood and have been wanting desperately to get a house there for some time, apparently. (Myself, I wouldn't live in the neighborhood for all the mocha at Starbucks, but if that's what they want, more power to 'em!) Net result: by the time we were finished at lunchtime on Sunday, the house was more or less finished -- instead of just starting!

Second, a big honkin' snowstorm came bearing down on Chesapeake and Laurie's mom (most often heard quote: "we don't see you two enough, come visit more, preferably weeks at a time") told us to go home early! Well, after all the family we had over Christmas, you didn't have to tell us twice. So now we're home and, best of all, still have a day of weekend tomorrow, when we were expecting to spend all of today and a good portion of tomorrow slogging away on the house, then going in to work the day after.

So now ... what to do with tomorrow?

-The Gneech
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