February 20th, 2004

Drezzer cool

I Hereby Declare This Week OVER

Geeze, this has to be one of the longest 4-day weeks ever. Well, from where the sun now stands, I will work no more forever. At least 'til Monday.

Guess I'd better keep looking busy 'til 4:30 tho.

Tonight, it's Kung Fu and then hopefully a visit over to the hantamouse/jamesbarrett/Mütti residence. Frisk said that he could probably arrange to run his game tomorrow night, letting me off the hook (I knew by Tuesday that I wasn't going to be up to running anything), but he hasn't sent out an annoucement either way, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

Assuming he does run, though, tomorrow will have three basic activities:

1) Draw like crazy (see below)

2) Enjoy last week's postponed Valentine's Day dinner w/laurie_robey, after finding some nice present ;)

3) Game in the evening.

I haven't done any significant drawing all week; sleep problems and so forth knocked me off of my post-FC stride, and I really, really want to get back onto it. The strip is still more-or-less a week ahead, and I want to keep pushing on that. But more than that, I want to do a bit of gratia artis stuff this weekend. I have a character design that has been knocking around inside my head for a few days that I'd like to get onto paper. It's nothing that exciting, or even that original really, but something about it appeals to me and I want to draw it.

Update: Frisk seems bearish on the possibility of gaming. Bummer. Oh well. More time for drawing!

Ah well, all I have to do is look busy for an hour. I can manage that. Then it's off to my real life!

-The Gneech
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