February 25th, 2004


A Prima Donna Moment

Hey, you people! There's less than a week left of the Suburban Jungle Fifth Anniversary Art Challenge! You want to win a commission, don'tcha?

EDIT: torakiyoshi has extended the deadline! You now have until March 15th to get your entries in! So all you folks who didn't have time ... have time now! :D

While you're there, post in the forum! Chat up the strip! It's a great strip, you should read it more!

That's all. :) Have a nice day.

-The Gneech

(X-posted to furryartists, onlinecomic, and webcomics, just 'cause I'm in a prima donna mood!)
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Kero asleep

Clever? Or Just Scary?

laurie_robey: *reading random astronomy news* There was a great big spot on the sun today.

the_gneech: *without missing a beat* o/` There's a great big spot on the sun todaaaaaaay ... it's the same old spot as yesterdaaaaayyyy... o/`

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

We Don't Want You to Pray FOR Us, Joel, We Want You to Pray TO Us!

This post has 99% nothing to do with that title, but I'm using it anyway! [1]

Well, tonight brings back a blast from the past. In addition to writing up scripts that will take me though mid-March, a drew a Character Q&A sketch for the first time in a long time. In a move of sheer laziness efficient genius, I am going to start posting the Q&A responses as Saturday Grab Bag strips, rather than just posting them straight back into the forum. That way, I'll always have a ready-made source of Grab Bag fodder, and still drive more traffic to the forum at the same.

Meanwhile, if I can get two more strips done tomorrow, I'll be back on the road to being over a week ahead. Wish me luck! I'd better run off and do some heavy-duty sleeping so I'll have the energy, huh?

G'nite all! Hope your day tomorrow is even better than you deserve!

-The Gneech

[1] Here's the 1% that does: wabbitcalif, if you're still willing to make me an icon for the trivia question the other day, I'd like a bright, colorful photo of Tom Servo in the SOL, with the caption, "Deal with it, Pink Boy!" Or, alternatively, a shot of Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy, with his name for a caption. :)
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